The MOTOTRBO digital series’ enhanced audio quality and its exponentially increased communication capabilities enable the police officers to communicate with greater clarity, thus, assisting them to effectively coordinate and respond to situations more efficiently.


  • The MOTOTRBO radios will replace the analog radios held by the Bangladesh Police for more than 15 years.
  • In this upgrade, the police will take delivery of over 4,000 units of MOTOTRBO XiR P8660 and XiR P8600 portable as well as XiR M6660 mobile radios.
  • These radios can also synchronize automatically and collaboratively, using doubled channel capacity and increased spectrum efficiency at no extra costs.
  • Some of the radios also come equipped with Enhanced Transmit Interrupt to allow for prioritization of calls and timely broadcasts through clearing of channels or disruption of transmission. The MOTOTRBO radio system will enable effective and efficient communications within the police force.
  • The Intelligent Audio feature in these radios allows for auto-adjustment of the radio volume in accordance to the background noise levels to avoid missed calls, and also cater for customizable voice announcements.
  • Security is enhanced with the advanced encryption in the DMR system, so that others cannot tap into conversations conducted over the system.
  • MOTOTRBO radios are designed to comply with the globally recognized European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 standard for professional two-way radio users.


Md. Nawsher Ali, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Telecommunication and Information Management, Bangladesh Police

“Migrating from our legacy analog to the new digital system means equipping our police officers with clearer and more secure form of communications. This helps them as law enforcers to build safer and more resilient communities. MOTOTRBO digital radios have a strong track record in critical communications over wide-area coverage, and are proven to allow emergency service radio users to communicate with their team members and the command centre whenever they need and wherever they are.”

Phyllis Lin, Area Sales Director, Motorola Solutions

“Our public safety solutions are trusted by agencies worldwide. Motorola Solutions is honored to have secured the confidence of the Bangladesh Police for these 4,000 units of MOTOTRBO radios. Our radios will enhance the day-to-day operations of the first responders to better serve the Bangladesh population.”


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