Motorola Solutions’ Team Communications transforms assembly lines and commercial workflows by linking employees, applications, machines and devices seamlessly
  • Motorola Solutions’ Team Communications enables groups of users to talk, text and send data via a smartphone, radio, landline phone or any other device
  • Combined with the power of workflow apps and the Industrial Internet of Things, commercial users gain ultimate flexibility to link workers quickly to save time and money
  • Team Communications and other solutions will be featured at the International Wireless Communications Expo March 29-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center
CHICAGO – March 27, 2017 – When a critical machine breaks down on the factory floor, production stops, and so does revenue. Getting it fixed likely includes phone calls, inspections and a long wait to find out what’s wrong.

But what if the machine on its own could tell a group of employees that it was about to fail? And that specific employee groups could immediately talk about preventing the shutdown no matter what kind of radio, phone, computer or network they were using at the moment?

Team Communications is Motorola Solutions’ (NYSE: MSI) offering that takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond two-way radio, allowing employees to collaborate with voice, text, or app from virtually anywhere, using a smartphone, computer, landline or any other communications device. Coupled with the rise of workflow applications and the Industrial Internet of Things enabling connected machines and systems, the modern commercial landscape requires a solution that overcomes a mix of devices, networks and needs.

From assembly lines to power plants to airports, workers need communications tools to help them work smarter and make money-saving decisions in real time. Whether that means creating a push-to-talk group that can be alerted to trouble by the machines themselves or having floor supervisors with instant access to managers in another state to quickly solve production bottlenecks, the right set of software and devices can connect frontline workers like never before.

“Team Communications is all about giving workers the tools they need to get the job done,” said John Kedzierski, corporate vice president, Motorola Solutions North America Commercial Markets, Channels and Services. “The baggage handler, the utility worker repairing a power line, the housekeeper readying a room, the assembly line worker building cars or the retail associate taking care of customers -- they all need different communications tools than office workers, and we’re providing the unified solution that lets all workers be their best in moments that matter.”

Research points toward productivity gains of up to 25 percent for manufacturing, transportation and supply chain services that have the right communications solutions. Motorola Solutions’ WAVE™ Work Group Communications can combine MOTOTRBO™ or ASTRO 25 radio users with WiFi or Cellular users, enabling instant voice, text or app communications on any device, any network, anywhere workers have connectivity.

Team Communications enables voice, group text messaging, location and data-sharing from any device. That includes Motorola Solutions radios, other manufacturers' radios, smartphones, laptops or tablets - operating on land-mobile radio (LMR) networks, Wi-Fi or commercial 4G and 3G cellular.

The MOTOTRBO platform features one of the industry’s largest application developer programs with a wide variety of apps ranging from work order ticket management, GPS and location tracking, Bluetooth® data, email gateways, dispatch, telephony and more.

Visit Motorola Solutions at the International Wireless Communications Expo March 29-30 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth No. 1317 to see a Team Communications demonstration. In addition, see the company’s WAVE™ OnCloud launch demo as well as these innovations:
  • For MOTOTRBO systems, the company is introducing two new service programs provided through its Channel Partners to deliver enhanced software and technical support, priority hardware repair as well as new network monitoring for MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Systems. These new Essential and Advanced service packages provide the right level of service to help ensure system continuity and enhance productivity.
  • For customers challenged in maintaining and programming APX two-way radios, three new service packages – Essential, Advanced and Premier – are also available to minimize the complexity of radio management, support and maintenance requirements.
  • Motorola Solutions is also launching an update to the successful APX™ 1000 Single-Band P25 Portable Radio. The APX 1000+ is designed for utilities and public works organizations that need the interoperability of the global P25 standard at a low price point. The new radio has an improved user interface and adds Bluetooth LE wireless capability.  
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