First Responders will enhance their response capabilities through a modern ASTRO® 25 mission-critical communications system enhanced with broadband push-to-talk interoperability by Motorola Solutions

  • About 62,000 inhabitants of the Cayman Islands will have a more effective response to their emergencies with the implementation of the mission-critical system that will allow public safety personnel to deliver a faster response to the community.

  • In addition to allowing interoperable emergency communications between multiple agencies, the new communications system is also a platform for future enhancements of the government’s communications, including GPS tracking and text messages to radios.

Latin America Feb. 28, 2018 – The Ministry of Home Affairs of Cayman Islands signed a contract with Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) to renew the Government’s radio system with a Project 25 system with coverage throughout the country, including waterways for maritime units, helping improving its public safety agencies’ response no matter where the emergency occurs.
The country’s previous radio system is being upgraded with the next generation of APX™ radios and ASTRO 25 infrastructure.  This upgrade brings new communication capabilities, such as GPS tracking, text messages, and secure and encrypted communications. With this, Cayman is the country in the Caribbean with the most modern ASTRO 25 system by Motorola Solutions.

“Whether it is a scheduled event or an unexpected disaster, the ASTRO 25 radio system by Motorola Solutions will enable a high standard of communication among stakeholder agencies within our public safety and national security framework and deliver the information required to coordinate a safe and effective response,” stated Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister for Home Affairs.

A P25 network with repeater sites, APX 2000 and APX 5000 portable digital radios, APX 1500 mobile digital radios, as well as LEX secure and rugged LTE mission-critical devices and ASTRO 25 system software upgrades, are all part of this comprehensive solution. Once it’s fully implemented, whenever a first responder needs to ask for help or set the alarm for an emergency, they can reach any public safety and emergency agency by just clicking a button on the radio. The solution will also provide the responder’s location, enhancing safety and facilitating task assignment.

“Safer cities make thriving communities, and it’s an honor for us to be able to supply this comprehensive solution for the Cayman Islands, and a great pleasure to continue contributing to enhance the country’s public safety”, said Mike deVente, vice president & general manager, Motorola Solutions Latin America and the Caribbean.

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