SCHAUMBURG, Ill. Dec. 10, 2014Motorola Solutions, Inc (NYSE: MSI) announced today that it has implemented a new public safety radio system in Cobb County, Georgia, that allows multiple public safety agencies to effectively communicate with each other to quickly resolve emergency situations. With the Motorola Solutions ASTRO® 25 Phase 2 time-division multiple access (TDMA) system, Cobb County has doubled its radio channels and expanded its reach beyond the county’s borders, so its law enforcement, fire and emergency medical teams can coordinate responses with first responders in other counties when needed.


  • One of the driving needs for first responders is the ability to communicate seamlessly with one another. Sharing critical information during day-to-day operations and responses to emergency situations can be challenging when the number of calls escalates.
  • By using radio spectrum more efficiently, Cobb County’s new system doubles the channels from 18 to 36, which allows more users to operate the system at one time. It also is interoperable with the Motorola Solutions’ systems used by first responders in three other neighboring counties.
  • While voice communications are essential, data also provides key capabilities that first responders can use in the field including live video and other images to further analyze and share information. The new system enables use of additional mission-critical applications that help to improve efficiency, safety and decision-making for Cobb County first responders such as over-the-air programming, fire station alerting and weather siren alerts.
  • Cobb County 9-1-1 serves a population of approximately 750,000 people and covers more than 340 square miles. The 9-1-1 center manages more than 900,000 calls for service each year through 34 dispatch positions and provides dispatch services to four law enforcement agencies and two fire departments.
  • The Cobb County system is the first ASTRO 25 Phase 2 TDMA system, allowing several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots, in the State of Georgia. This updated system is considered a “regional core” system, meaning it serves an entire county as well as neighboring counties.
  • The ASTRO 25 Phase 2 TDMA system is part of Motorola Solutions’ portfolio of mission-critical communications that is transforming public safety operations and providing Cobb County first responders with a highly reliable communications network to respond to day-to-day operations as well as emergencies. The system can be easily upgraded to incorporate future technology.


Ann Flynn, 9-1-1 emergency communications director, Cobb County, Georgia
“Our recent deployment of Motorola Solutions Phase 2 TDMA technology in Cobb County has provided our users with additional radio channel resources and additional radio system networks. While the enhanced system will dramatically improve inter-agency communications and the ability to coordinate local and regional first responders, the real benefit will be the improved communications between those in the field, thereby ensuring a higher standard of first responder safety.”

Jim Mears, corporate vice president, Motorola Solutions
“Motorola understands the importance of providing our customers with innovative solutions that enhance information sharing and deliver a unified operational view of incidents to ensure a well-orchestrated and coordinated response. Our robust, regional ASTRO 25 Phase 2 TDMA System will enable Cobb County to handle calls faster, allocate resources more efficiently and coordinate seamlessly within its operation and with other departments and agencies in the region.”

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