Motorola Solutions’ new digital license-free radio (DLR) delivers extended range, superior sound and interference-free audio for one of largest Canadian retailers
  • Digital radio is helping Canadian Tire-Meadowvale employees solve problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction
  • Features of the DLR include extended range, a direct call option and private reply button
SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – July 29, 2015 – With more than 80 percent of the population in Canada shopping at its stores, Canadian Tire managers know that clear and reliable communications are crucial to smooth business operations and good customer service. Motorola Solutions’ (NYSE:MSI) new digital license-free radio (DLR) is helping Canadian Tire-Meadowvale employees solve problems rapidly and improve customer satisfaction.

The lightweight DLR has functions tailored for the retail industry such as a “private reply” button that allows a conversation to take place between two employees without interrupting other conversations.  It also uses the latest digital technology to provide extended range not found in analog radios. This means users will have consistent, clear and interference-free communication capability within 300,000 square-feet of retail space or 25 floors, helping store associates stay connected to each other and their customers.
With older analog radios, sometimes conversations can be interrupted and employees on opposite sides of the store are unable to communicate. “Motorola Solutions’ DLR allows us to go beyond our customers’ expectations when they walk into the store,” said Scott Morash, general manager, Canadian Tire-Meadowvale. “The features and functionality of Motorola Solutions’ DLR give our employees the ability to communicate quickly, efficiently and without interference from other employees or other noises throughout the entire store.

Additional features of the DLR include a “direct call” option allowing users to press a button at the top of the radio and speak privately to individuals instead of to a larger group, meaning others can stay focused on customers. Users can also “page all available” so one person can communicate a message to all users available in all channels. The DLR can also be paired with accessories such as an ear piece to help store managers and employees use discreet communications to stay connected.
“Motorola Solutions’ digital license free radio is more than a simple push-to-talk solution,” said Ken Reitz, director, North America Business and Consumer Radio Distribution, Motorola Solutions. “With superior range and audio and call options tailored to meet business needs, the DLR gives Canadian Tire the communications tools they need at an affordable price.
Canadian Tire managers reported that most of their employees learned how to use the DLR in a matter of minutes, and became fully functional on the device midway through their shift. Designed for business operations, the DLR operates in the non-licensed 900MHz frequency band which means users can operate the radio without the need to apply for a regional radio license, saving time and money.


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