New digital radio features include Wi-Fi to help reduce downtime; new MOTOTRBO Capacity Max system expands networks and increases the number of users
  • Next-generation MOTOTRBO™ radios feature longer battery life, indoor location-tracking and integrated Wi-Fi allowing all radios in a system to be reprogrammed simultaneously without taking them out of users’ hands
  • New MOTOTRBO Capacity Max adds better security and reliability to a system that is scalable from small, single-site systems to large, complex projects that demand greater capacity
  • SLR 8000 repeater extends networks allowing customers to deploy larger systems

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Feb. 29, 2016 – In manufacturing, government services, transportation and other industries, downtime equates to increased costs and loss of productivity. Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) is introducing next-generation MOTOTRBO, a line of digital radios with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity that can help save workers hundreds of hours in lost time while delivering highly secure, reliable and cost-efficient professional two-way radio communications.

Whether they are plant workers or teachers, the process of updating user’s communications equipment can be time-intensive. For a workforce of 350, for example, this can lead to more than 400 hours of lost time.  Next-generation MOTOTRBO radios feature an integrated Wi-Fi solution that helps reduce the update process to a matter of minutes by eliminating the need for employees in the field, classroom or warehouse floor to physically drop off equipment at the office to receive software upgrades. Coupled with 29 hours of battery life, this means workers can spend more time focusing on the task at hand.

“The next-generation MOTOTRBO radios reflect the features and functionality our customers have been asking for and help them enhance productivity, efficiency and worker safety,” said Claudia Rodriguez vice president, Devices Product Management, Motorola Solutions. “The ability to update via Wi-Fi keeps workers on the job, and features such as better man-down alerts and indoor location tracking are crucial for working in hazardous areas.”

Motorola Solutions is also introducing Capacity Max, a new feature-rich, next-generation MOTOTRBO trunking solution. Trunking is used to increase radio system efficiency by temporarily allocating a channel from a pool of available channels when needed. The new system provides better security and is easier to manage. Capacity Max is scalable from small, single-site systems to large, complex projects that demand greater capacity (up to 3,000 users per site) and higher levels of performance from voice and data-intensive communications deployments.

“The features and functionality of Capacity Max provide users with the flexibility to expand networks and applications to meet their evolving needs,” said Scott Adler, vice president, Motorola Solutions Commercial Markets and Channels. “Motorola Solutions has established a smooth migration path from analog and smaller MOTOTRBO solutions to Capacity Max to minimize cost and operational impact for existing customers who want to upgrade.”

Next-generation MOTOTRBO also includes the SLR 8000 series, a high-power repeater that amplifies a signal to help extend coverage for communication networks such as Capacity Max. The SLR 8000 is built on the same platform as the popular SLR 5000 series and allows customers to deploy systems that cover wide geographical areas.  SLR 8000 features a flexible architecture enabling customers to easily configure the repeater to meet their system deployment needs for extreme reliability.

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