One of the largest airports in Brazil upgrades its radio communication system with Motorola Solutions technology.

São Paulo, February 21, 2019 – With approximately 17,000 people working in operations, 329 take-offs and landings per day, and more than 16 million passengers per year, the Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeão International Airport), operated as a private concession by Concessionária RIOgaleão, now counts on technology supplied by Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) and deployed by Kofre Telecomunicações. The upgraded communication system helps enable safer procedures and more efficient operations. 

In August of 2014, RIOgaleão, the fourth-busiest airport in Brazil, began a technology transformation process with total investment of R$2 billion reais (more than USD $530,000,000). These investments position RIOgaleão as a world-class category airport, providing new infrastructure, diversified services, cutting-edge technology and the ability to process about 37 million passengers per year. 

"The renovation of the Galeão Airport required the modernization of its communications to meet all the demands of the airport. An advanced radio communication system provides quick responses and full integration of every sector of the airport with real-time transmission and efficient processes, even in adverse conditions, without putting aviation and airport safety at risk," said Alexandre Villeroy, CIO, RIOgaleao Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim. 

"Motorola Solutions exceeded our expectations. The Galeão Airport needed a system that would preserve the integrity of its information and offer high availability, low maintenance needs, top-notch administration and a unified network. Now we have a solution that enables data transmission and communication among all users, which means an enhanced service for our passengers,” concluded Villeroy.

The new DIMETRA TETRA system includes digital radios: MTP3500 and MTP3550 portable (handheld) models, as well as MTM5400 mobile models, which have been installed in vehicles and in stationary positions. It also includes MTP8550Ex and MTP8500Ex models with ATEX and IECEx certification, specially designed for those who work in critical environments with high explosion risks. The radios are resistant to temperatures up to 130ºF/55°C, drop tested and performance proven on heavy dust, immersion and extreme humidity. 

The airport continues using the MCC7500 dispatch consoles, DIMETRA MTS base stations and a redundant central controller to manage and organize its communications. 

The upgraded communication digital radio system includes additional capabilities including: 
  • Hardware-based encryption security, which prevents unauthorized persons from listening to audio messages or intercepting data transmissions from the network. It also is capable of tracking and temporarily or permanently disabling or reactivating radios that are lost or stolen. 
  • Location and monitoring platform using Motorola Solutions radios with Bluetooth 4.0 and a GPS system installed for precise indoor and outdoor location to enable staff and assets tracking through Beacons. GPS also enables managers to follow and improve staff positions outside the airport buildings. Data is transmitted back over the TETRA network and then into the command, control and dispatch systems to support airport logistics needs.
  • Data reliability and process automation for operational teams for block-on / block-off management when aircrafts move on the ground as well as emergency alerts from sensors at inspection areas (with x-rays), allowing inspectors to respond quickly to events and always be available. Kofre even outfitted the system with VHF aeronautical frequencies to avoid interference noise between air and land staff.  
Looking to the future, the RIOgaleão Airport is testing Motorola Solutions’ Si500, a combined radio speaker microphone and body-worn video camera, to capture digital evidence from security personnel. The technology provides encrypted and certified images that can be used in investigations.

The airport is also testing Motorola Solutions’ Command Central software suite, an end-to-end solution that analyzes different data sources to enhance collaboration, coordinate resources and increase situational awareness for the airport. 

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