At the start of 2017, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and newly appointed Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Chief Bryan Roach were determined to reduce crime rates while proactively building trust and increasing collaboration between the community and police officers. They were also looking to add new technologies to bring the department’s 20-year-old data center up to date.
After looking at best practices in other cities, Indianapolis chose to invest in a cutting-edge real-time crime center. Their vision was a hub equipped with technology that helps officers quickly find critical information and enable them to spend less time managing outdated systems – and more time serving their communities.

The backbone of the real-time data center is Motorola Solutions’ command center software:
  • CommandCentral Inform provides location-based intelligence to better coordinate response and improve decision-making.
  • CommandCentral Aware uses video to disseminate critical intelligence to first responders.
  • CommandCentral Analytics creates reports and actionable items from collected data. It includes Predictive Crime Analysis which uses historical data to enable better protection in the future.
IMPD also uses Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and PremierOne Mobile – an in-vehicle, dispatch & intelligence application – that both connect with the CommandCentral platform. Additionally, IMPD plans to implement PremierOne Records.

The data collected through the real-time crime center better enables officers to respond to incidents appropriately, and equips them with more information about their community to better serve and protect them in the future.

“It’s all about recognizing patterns,” said Deputy Chief Chad Knecht. “What this collaboration allows us to do is establish patterns of violent crimes and get in front of them to be proactive rather than reactive.”

The push toward proactive policing will also include a return to community-based policing – allowing officers to better understand the communities they serve and build trust in their neighborhoods.

“The ongoing efforts are extensive, but they are necessary,” said Mayor Hogsett. “We’re working to directly connect our officers with real time crime centers – so the right decisions can be made, threats can be tackled, and lives can be saved.

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