Forty-two million residents, tourists now covered by state-of-the-art, interoperable communications system

LAS VEGAS – March 17, 2014 – Ensuring public safety in one of the top tourist destinations in the world with a dispersed resident population, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) faces a unique set of challenges in protecting 42 million people each year. A new $26 million Project 25 (P25) communications system from Motorola Solutions  (NYSE:MSI) has now been implemented by LVMPD to help officers communicate clearly and reliably in any situation, whether it’s an issue in the rugged outlying areas of Clark County, a crowded casino or in one of 150,000 guest rooms in Las Vegas.

With more than 3,400 LVMPD personnel serving 7,900 square miles of Clark County, implementation of the new system needed to be done carefully, thoroughly and quickly. The Motorola Solutions team set a strategy for the 33-site ASTRO® 25 network and worked through several challenging technical issues -- including interference mitigation, radio configuration, system optimization and coverage testing -- in order to get the system up and running on an aggressive timetable and on budget.
More than  5,000 Motorola Solutions APX™ two-way radios have been deployed to LVMPD officers, Clark County Detention officers and officers in the city of Mesquite, Nevada, who have recently joined the network. The system includes Motorola Solutions radio dispatch consoles and data capabilities for radio fleet management.

LVMPD implemented PremierOne™ records management software for in-house personnel and field reporting. Additionally they plan to upgrade their current Motorola Solutions computer aided dispatch (CAD) system to PremierOne CAD and Mobile to help streamline their end-to-end public safety workflows.

LVMPD also signed an 11-year, $31 million lifecycle management and support services agreement for systems and equipment. The additional services help maintain security compliance and network performance, as well as ensure the system is current and refreshed, giving personnel the benefit of having the latest in public safety technology.

  • Motorola Solutions APX series radios are rugged, easy to operate and deliver loud and clear audio as LVMPD users deal with the loud sounds of casinos, concerts and sporting events in addition to day-to-day activities in the community.
  • Motorola Solutions’ radio consoles and desk sets deliver quality audio, reliable communication and ease of use for personnel in the field or in one of the eight LVMPD command centers.  
  • The PremierOne suite of applications is designed to help streamline public safety workflows and improve response times from incident creation to resolution. LVMPD will be switching to the integrated solution which allows users to seamlessly share and reuse information across applications, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and allowing for safer incident resolutions.
  • Motorola Solutions’ lifecycle management and support services will help ensure LVMPD systems are leveraging the latest technologies and tools while providing the level of support needed to maximize system and device performance, availability and keep costs under control.
  • LVMPD is a joint city-county police force for the City of Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada. Staff includes more than 2,400 police officers plus 750 correctional officers operating the Clark County Detention Center. LVMPD serves a resident population of almost 2 million people and 42 million tourists.
Joseph Lombardo, sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
“The addition of Motorola Solutions’ reliable communications system greatly assists us in providing professional service to our citizens and the millions of visitors that come to Las Vegas each year.  The last thing an officer should be worrying about while doing their job is whether or not someone will hear their call for assistance.”
Michael Barnbeck, director, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Radio Systems Bureau
“As a police officer in the line of duty, intermittent radio traffic is unacceptable. Motorola Solutions has proven to be a trusted partner by installing a reliable public safety-grade communication system, six months ahead of schedule. The network is interoperable and helps us better meet the needs of our community with more efficient communication methods and faster response times.”
Larry Mabry, vice president, Motorola Solutions
“Transmissions over police radios can be the difference between life and death. Motorola Solutions worked closely with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to rapidly implement and deploy a communications system designed specifically for the unique and dangerous situations their officers face every day. Officers can now communicate clearly and can have confidence that their voice is being heard in an emergency situation.”
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Editor’s note: To learn more about the Las Vegas Metro system, visit the Motorola Solutions booth, #921, at IWCE
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