SANTIAGO, Chile Nov. 8, 2016 Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is bringing its innovative vision to life by exploring the future concept of a Virtual Command Center, in its focus on responding to current communication challenges and anticipating future needs of public safety agencies and mission-critical industries. This solution would not only safeguard workers' lives but also help improve business productivity and efficiency.
Today, complex commercial operations–such as oil and gas, mining, public services and transportation–and public safety incidents can be managed from command centers: large rooms with screens, each displaying a different type of information on the organization's personnel and resources. The Virtual Command Center takes this concept into the future by combining everything in a virtual reality (VR) device that is controlled hands-free using eye interaction technology developed by the company Eyefluence.
Motorola Solutions is presenting this proof of concept and other innovations at critical communications events being held November 7-10 in Peru, Chile and Argentina. Paul Steinberg, chief technology officer at Motorola Solutions, will be the main speaker there. 
In addition to the Virtual Command Center concept, Motorola Solutions will present the latest trends in communication and the current need for technological synergy that customers are facing, to supplement instant mission-critical communications with mission-critical intelligence. This powerful synergy involves linking the land mobile radio (LMR) technologies that Motorola Solutions customers currently have with LTE technology and the new video, data and other advanced capabilities it offers.
"The link between mission-critical communication and mission-critical intelligence is built on what we at Motorola Solutions call Next- Generation Mobile Intelligence, the name given to the architecture of our system, as well as the mobile applications, next-generation devices and analytics that come with it. It is a software platform that integrates all kinds of data, analyzes it, converts it into intelligence and delivers that intelligence to the right place, at the right time, in the right way," said Steinberg.

A Look at Today's Critical Communication Solutions
Today's Public Safety Command Centers can integrate the interoperable radio network ASTRO® 25, which delivers instant communication, with the power of LTE broadband and the latest in smart solutions for public safety and critical operations, to convert the data into intelligence.
Motorola Solutions' CommandCentral platform offers real-time intelligence in every phase of the monitoring activity, from planning to operations and investigations. CommandCentral Aware combines video content from different sources, allowing analysts at a crime or event control center to see multiple sources on a single screen and share with officers in the field in real time high-definition images of suspects, vehicles, license plates and other critical information.
"In the specific case of public safety, law enforcement agencies have access to information from multiple sources, including emergency services calls, real-time video feeds, activity on social networks, nationwide databases and more," said Pablo Orsei, general manager of Motorola Solutions for the South of Latin America.
Motorola Solutions' CommandCentral platform captures this information and converts it into real-time intelligence to help responders deal with incidents quickly, or even anticipate them. 
"By using broadband networks, Motorola Solutions places the command and control center in the hands of the people who are on the street or at the site, giving them information to make better and quicker decisions," said Orsei.


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