LAS VEGAS - March 18, 2015Motorola Solutions will be demonstrating its latest public safety and commercial communications solutions at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), being held March 16-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 
The solutions will help Motorola Solutions’ customers face the combined challenges of new threats to safety and the increasing expectations of the communities they serve. Whether managing public safety or critical infrastructure, organizations require more than the best tools to effectively respond to incidents. First responders also need the ability to capture and process large quantities of data, turn it into intelligence that can help resolve an incident quickly, or even prevent it from happening in the first place.
Demonstrating new technology through customer workflows
Motorola Solutions’ public safety and commercial customers consider the workflows of their employees when evaluating new technology and solutions to help them carry out their mission.  Motorola Solutions’ approaches its innovative solutions in the same way, and the company will demonstrate its products at IWCE through customer-focused workflows:
  • Many first responders carry two devices in the field: their radio and a smartphone. The Mission Critical Collaboration workflows show Project 25 (P25) devices such as the new APX 8000 radio working with LTE devices like the LEX L10 Mission Critical Handheld, combining top-notch voice capabilities with mission-critical data delivery on a smartphone purpose-built for public safety. With WAVE Work Group Communications, personnel have reliable voice communications between their P25 and LTE devices.
  • Whether they maintain critical infrastructure or drive the local manufacturing economy, customers can see how Motorola Solutions’ innovations address their business-critical needs at the Professional & Commercial Solutions and Manufacturing Solutions workflow stations. The latest radios and accessories, including the award-winning MOTOTRBO™ SL300, data applications over private networks, and proactive monitoring of MOTOTRBO systems work together to help drive worker safety and efficiency.
  • Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure customers around the world have come to depend on Motorola Solutions ASTRO 25 networks for voice and data communications when it matters most. At the Mission Critical Network Operations workflow station, customers can see the full breadth of capabilities these networks provide: from delivering text messages between P25 radios and instant messaging applications, to real-time monitoring of deployment of a back-up system, to a geographically redundant core. Visitors can also learn about the full range of Managed Services Motorola Solutions offers our ASTRO 25 customers, designed to offload the operational risk, cost and management responsibilities for improved system performance.
  • Receiving the right information, at the right time, in the right way is vital to public safety personnel. At the Intelligence Led Public Safety Solutions station, visitors will see voice, location, sensor and video data shared between the command center and the field. Motorola products such as our Real-Time Intelligence Client, Intelligent Data Portal, and LEX L10 Mission Critical Handheld work with products from partners like the PARC UAV from CyPhy Works to help ensure all personnel have the critical information they need to respond to an incident – or to help prevent one.
  • When an incident does happen, dispatchers organize the response and serve as the link between the public and first responders. Recognizing their critical nature, Motorola is showing our dispatch communications solutions at multiple workflow stations. Call-Taking & Incident Management Solutions display PremierOne CAD and call control in action; Field Queries & Citations show how PremierOne Handheld is used to respond to incidents in the field; and Mission Critical Dispatch Communications demonstrate unique data and geofencing capabilities of our ASTRO 25 mission critical networks. The recent acquisition of Emergency CallWorks gives customers more options for cloud-based next-generation 9-1-1 and call control, which they can see in BOOTH # 941.
In addition to the workflow stations, visitors will find a wealth new products and capabilities throughout the booth:
  • WAVE Work Group Communications lets customers deliver critical voice and data communications across multiple different networks, helping to ensure that everyone involved in an incident can communicate, whether they use radios, smartphones, PCs or other devices.
  • The APX Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) features enhanced security, quick pairing and fast push-to-talk capabilities. With this RSM, for the first time ever, we offer an end-user removable battery that enables multi-shift usage, and a vehicular charger or dual-unit desk charger for more flexible charging options. Pairing with Motorola Solutions’ line of Bluetooth-enabled APX radios helps ensure seamless and reliable coverage. By completely removing the microphone cord, public safety users no longer need to worry about tangled cords and can now work fast, safe and more efficiently.
  • Motorola Solutions’ new Digital Tone Signaling Software will allow APX two-way radios to serve as a digital pager, operating on conventional and trunked P25 systems. This software feature allows firefighters to use their APX as a radio by day and as a digital pager by night. They can mute the radio when they need to rest, and the digital paging features will automatically un-mute the radio, alerting them to action through traditional quick call tones sent over the digital ASTRO 25 radio system.
  • APX Portable Two-Way Radios can now be retrofitted with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) volume knob so that radio service shop managers can easily track the devices and manage inventory with applications such as Motorola Solutions’ Asset Management. This cost-effective solution will allow customers to keep better tabs on their APX portable inventory as it is checked in for service and checked out for field usage along with other communications equipment.
  • Public safety agencies and utilities looking to enhance portable radio coverage can now rely on the affordable, software-scalable VRX 1000 Vehicle Radio Extender. It offers a compact design with 3 watt simplex operation with in-band and cross-band configurations across analog and P25 conventional and trunked systems in 700/800MHz, VHF and UHF bands.
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Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) creates innovative, mission-critical communication solutions and services that help public safety and commercial customers build safer cities and thriving communities. For ongoing news, visit or subscribe to a news feed.
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