• The new system will integrate all the public safety forces' communications, expand coverage, and will improve safety of more than 3.9 million people.
  • This deployment will cover the Brazilian State of Paraiba and includes 40 sites that will bring a clear, reliable signal to all of Paraiba’s public safety forces.
JOÃO PESSOA, Brazil- October 21, 2016 – The Paraiba Secretariat of Social Safety and Defense signed a contract with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) for the upgrade of its mission-critical communication system with TETRA-digital radio technology to provide interoperable communications among the state’s public safety agencies.

The system will integrate, in a unified platform, the communications of all its public safety agencies – the Military Police, Civil Police, Fire Brigade, Penitentiary System, and State Transportation Department (DETRAN). The new system is expected to help improve the efficiency of their operations throughout the state, which covers an area of about 57,000 km2. All communications among users will be encrypted, thereby preventing unauthorized persons from listening in while also protecting the police involved in potentially dangerous operations.

The upgrade to a DIMETRA IP solution is part of a series of investments made by the Paraiba State Government to improve the service provided by its public safety agencies. "This is a structuring measure to consolidate the Integrated Public Safety System that will help our agencies perfect their response and offer citizens a quality service," said Cláudio Lima, Paraiba’s secretary of social safety and defense.

Initially, the TETRA system will include 40 sites that will bring a clear, reliable signal available to public safety agencies throughout the state. The system also includes 35 dispatch consoles, which will be used to receive, prioritize, and make calls to quickly respond to citizens' needs. There are additional antennas and base stations designed to guarantee statewide radio system coverage. The contract also provides for the delivery of approximately 5,600 radios, including 4,000 portable, 1,300 mobile and 332 fixed radios.

"Paraiba’s old system was analog and communication among the agencies wasn't possible. With the new system, we will be able to integrate the communications of all our public safety agencies and increase coverage so that none of our responders lose their connection if they go to another city or areas where there is no radio signal," Cláudio Lima explained.

Digital technology also allows for the development of a wide range of technological applications for public safety, such as GPS. "All the terminals that were purchased have built-in GPS and can be tracked by the digital network, which has a very powerful host computer. That computer provides the exact location of every terminal, whether it is a vehicle terminal or HT (handheld terminal) carried by the police officer," the Secretary pointed out.  He added that the new system will also make it possible to identify the public safety officer closest to an incident, in order to provide a quicker and more effective response.

In addition to these benefits, digital communications also offers superior signal quality, with clear audio and background noise-free communication, as well as a secure, encrypted network that makes it impossible for unauthorized users to monitor communications or listen in.


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