New end-to-end solution helps schools as they plan for improved school security and operations 
CHICAGO – April 29, 2020 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced Safe Schools, an integrated solution that combines video, data, analytics and voice to help schools secure their campus perimeter, control access to buildings, quickly communicate with local law enforcement and increase operational efficiency. 
For students, parents, school officials and community members, Safe Schools helps to create a more secure environment from the moment a visitor enters the campus. From artificial intelligence enabled video analytics alerting school officials of suspicious activity to seamless communication with local law enforcement, each element of the solution is built to enhance security, as well as detect and deter potential incidents.
“When parents send their children back to school, they expect that their child will be in a secure environment. However, because schools are a place for the community and visitors to gather, securing them can be a unique challenge,” said John Zidar, senior vice president, Global Enterprise & Channels, Motorola Solutions. “Safe Schools is designed to help schools be more proactive in their safety planning and provide visibility into otherwise unknown threats, helping to ensure that students are safer and personnel can focus on the job at hand.”
Zidar added, “Given the current environment, we’re hearing from education officials that they’re looking ahead to the time students will once again fill their school hallways, and are exploring additional approaches to enhancing their school safety program.”
Safe Schools can be tailored to a school's unique needs and spans the end-to-end workflow for everyday school operations and emergencies, including technology to: 
  • Detect: By using video security and analytics, license plate recognition, anonymous tip submission and access control, schools can better protect their perimeter and automate building access or lockdowns.
  • Analyze: By leveraging AI-powered video analytics, schools can quickly identify suspicious activities and easily search video footage to locate individuals based on physical descriptions.
  • Communicate: By integrating two-way radios, broadband devices and video security, school employees are instantly notified of any security breach by a text-to-voice alert and text message on their radio, providing proactive notifications for both every day and critical events.
  • Respond: By sharing real-time alerts and live video feeds, school officials and public safety agencies can coordinate an incident response and provide instant “eyes on the scene.”
With safety as a top priority, Perry Township Schools, a suburban Indianapolis school district with 23 schools and 17,000 students, depends on Motorola Solutions’ Safe Schools to keep up with today’s growing security concerns. 
“Safe Schools gives us the ability to monitor all areas of our campus in real-time, assess potential situations and respond to alerts in just a few minutes,” said Chris Sampson, associate superintendent, Perry Township Schools. “We are thankful Motorola Solutions’ state-of-the-art technology can help create a secure environment for our students, teachers and community members as we look forward to having our students back with us in our Perry Township schools.”
Motorola Solutions partnered with ERS Wireless to implement Safe Schools at Perry Meridian and Southport high schools in Perry Township. Safe Schools is available now in North America. 
Learn more about the offering here or at the Motorola Solutions Safe Schools Virtual Showcase beginning April 29, 2020. 
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