The M500 introduces advanced analytics to drive operational efficiency, safety and transparency for law enforcement and citizens
CHICAGO – Sept. 8, 2021 Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today introduced the first AI-enabled in-car video system for law enforcement, the M500. The solution is bringing more powerful capabilities to the police vehicle to enhance awareness and safety while building trust and transparency throughout communities. 
m500The M500 features new backseat passenger analytics which automatically start the in-car camera recording as soon as an individual enters the back of a police car. This is a major step forward in automating an everyday policing challenge of ensuring that the presence of an individual in a police vehicle is securely recorded and the video evidence is automatically tagged and saved to the incident record. 
“Responsibly bringing AI to public safety is essential to drive efficiency, safety and transparency in policing. The simple task of automatically recording an individual in the backseat of a police vehicle is just the start,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Software Enterprise & Mobile Video at Motorola Solutions. “The M500 represents the future for the police vehicle, where AI and advanced analytics will be able to detect more complex anomalies or threats to enhance awareness and safety for officers and citizens alike.” 
The system is also equipped with advanced License Plate Recognition (LPR), which uses AI to raise critical alerts, such as identifying a vehicle that may be associated with a missing child or person of interest. The AI supports officers with actionable information that complements the human decision-making process, bringing value throughout the public safety workflow.

As part of the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem, the M500 delivers the significant advantage of sharing real-time insights with officers both in the field and through the command center. It can automatically pair with Motorola Solutions' V300 body-worn cameras to simultaneously record an incident from multiple perspectives. The system is also designed to seamlessly integrate with Motorola Solutions’ cloud-native public safety software suite, CommandCentral, to directly live-stream footage of an incident as it is unfolding to commanders, 911 telecommunicators and dispatchers. 

The design of the M500 is aligned to the principles that technology must be transparent, inclusive and fair. The built-in guardrails, controls and audit logs protect privacy and support responsible use, empowering public safety agencies with better information while cultivating community trust.

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