MOTOTRBO™ digital radios are ideal for workplace communications, incorporating new functionality to meet organizations' current and future needs.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi in each device allows all radios in a system to be reprogrammed simultaneously, without taking them out of users’ hands.
  • Digital radios offer up to 29 hours of battery life, an easy-to-read screen, as well as indoor location-tracking.
July 4, 2016 – In government services, private security, manufacturing, transportation and other industries, downtime equates to increased costs and loss of productivity. Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) is introducing the next generation of MOTOTRBO digital radios, with features like integrated Wi-Fi connectivity that can help save workers hundreds of hours in lost time while delivering highly secure, reliable and cost-efficient professional two-way radio communications.
Whether they are workers in a plant or private security agents on the street, the process of updating users' communication equipment can be time-consuming. For a workforce of 350, for example, this can lead to more than 400 hours of lost time reprogramming radios. Next-generation MOTOTRBO radios feature an integrated Wi-Fi solution that helps reduce the update process to a matter of minutes by eliminating the need for employees in the field, the municipality or the warehouse to physically drop off equipment at the office to receive a software update.
Featuring up to 29 hours of battery life, MOTOTRBO radios allow workers to spend more time focusing on the task at hand. These two-way digital radios make it possible to connect instantly with one or several workers at the same time. They also help with decision making and the coordination of an operation.
Other advantages offered by the next-generation digital radios include clear audio – even in noisy environments – durability, and shock and drop resistance. Also, they have built-in sensors for "man down" alerts, a feature that senses when a worker is in difficulty and automatically calls for help. This can be combined with a new Indoor Location-Tracking feature to direct the Emergency Response Team to the scene of the accident. A robust and diverse application developer program enables MOTOTRBO radios to meet the specific and concrete needs of different industries and operations.
"Next-generation MOTOTRBO radios introduce multiple innovations to enhance productivity, efficiency and worker safety and provide the features and functionality our customers have been requesting," said Carlos Olmedo, product operations manager for North and Latin America at Motorola Solutions. "The ability to do updates via Wi-Fi keeps workers on the job, and features such as better man down alerts and indoor location-tracking are crucial for work in hazardous areas."
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