• The MOTOTRBO digital solution will strengthen the company’s offshore communications by providing high standards of communication and coverage among 26 platforms.
  • This digital solution complements the APCO P25 trunking system, which already supports most of the company’s onshore (terrestrial) operations.
São Paulo, Brazil - August 13, 2020- Petrobras, the world’s fourth largest oil company, announced that it has signed a contract with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) to acquire a digital solution that will make its offshore operations, on the high seas, even more efficient and its workers safe and more connected, no matter how far away they are.

With 116 production platforms and 15 refineries, Petrobras sees communication as a vital part of its operations and for the safety of their staff. In order to ensure clear and seamless communications, even in extremely loud areas on platforms, it will digitalize its communications with the MOTOTRBO™ system from Motorola Solutions.

The new digital solution, which includes over 1,900 radios and 120 repeaters with centralized management system, will offer superior audio quality, more channel availability and large data capacity. Its benefits will be enhanced with SmartPTT, an integrated voice and data dispatch software application that allows the users of MOTOTRBO™ radio systems to take advantage of advanced voice, GPS, texting and email functionalities, as well as other functionalities, such as voice recording and indoor location, that expand the radios’ capabilities.

“In our complex operation, with employees spread out over a huge geographic area, at sea and on land, one of our greatest challenges is keeping them connected. The new MOTOTRBO digital system from Motorola Solutions will be key in connecting offshore platforms and integrating them with the onshore operation, thereby strengthening unified communications that support and connect our operations in a transparent and forward-looking way,” said Marcelo Carreras, executive manager of Information Technology and Telecommunications at Petrobras.

This comprehensive solution, which also includes services, and the wireless network coverage, which is supported by RFS Systems- a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and RF systems- adds to the existing P25 standard mission-critical radio system that Motorola Solutions operates under its managed services model.

That system currently provides thousands of onshore employees the most secure, available, and reliable mission-critical radio communications. Delivering the highest standard for Petrobras operations to run seamlessly daily, no action in the field is secure enough without the backup of this trusted communication network.

 “For the last 16 years Petrobras has trusted in our APCO P25 solutions for its onshore operation and now we are honored that our MOTOTRBO digital solutions will be the predominant technology used in its offshore operations. Our goal is to continue being Petrobras’ communication technology partner and keep supporting its vision of growth for the future,” said Alexandre Giarola, director of commercial markets accounts at Motorola Solutions.

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