KPCN, Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland, completed a successfully trial of a hosted turnkey solution by Motorola Solutions in collaboration with their partner Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) that provides access to public safety mobile applications
  • Inhabitants of the Dutch Caribbean Islands of Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius have benefited from this suite of public safety applications used by more than 30 police officers
  • Intelligent Communications as a Service is designed for public safety and emergency response teams who need specialized public safety communications over broadband networks, using purpose-built and traditional smart devices
  • LEX L10 is the public safety LTE handheld device selected by this public safety force to get the services that rely on secure and interoperable-capable voice, messaging, mapping and whiteboarding group communications
Latin America – Aug. 30, 2018– Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) announces that the Dutch Caribbean Police completed a trial of Intelligent Communications as a Service, proving real benefits for its mission-critical communications. This service model has given the public force access to public safety mobile applications that are easy to deploy, so they can respond more effectively to the needs of the community.
“We started the trial seven months ago and within this very short period of time, we have been witness of the good impact of Motorola Solutions’ Intelligent Communications as a Service (ICaaS) for our mission. Without the need for an initial capital investment on servers and data centers, this model allowed us to have always up to date public safety solutions, ready to provide intelligence in real time by accessing and sharing critical information in an extremely secure way, over existing broadband networks,” said W. Baker, KPCN Saba.
The company’s public safety mobile applications are a highly effective way to share critical intelligence data among officers in the field and personnel at the command center. They work across different networks and devices, enabling real-time communication and collaboration that can accelerate time to resolution.
The service package included mobile apps such as:
  • Broadband PTT, Motorola Solutions’ broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that lets Smartphone users securely communicate with a simple press of a button. In addition to enabling groups of smartphone users to easily communicate with one another. This application also can provide a PTT bridge with the land mobile radios police use today, enabling teams to communicate using push-to-talk across networks and devices.
  • Mapping, which enables location-based collaboration by showing nearby officers and quickly creating “geo-fenced” voice- or text-based communication groups with officers in the vicinity. It allows an officer to talk to another officer one block away – even if he doesn’t know the officer’s name.
  • Messaging, which lets first responders securely share text messages and photos with individuals or talk groups across smartphones, enabling faster communication and collaboration. For example, Messaging enables a user to send a photo to a voice talk group.  
  • Whiteboarding, which enables in-field, interactive media-based collaboration and information-sharing. It allows officers to graphically share operations, response plans and areas of interest through drawings on a shared map on their devices.
This service ran on the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 – public safety LTE handheld device. Thirty devices have being used by police officers of the BES Dutch Caribbean Police deployed across the Caribbean islands Bonaire, St, Eustatius and Saba. Device and services have been integrated so they were able to work together and strengthen their connected capabilities, generating quick interactions among them.

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