Motorola Solutions uses virtual reality to power the command center of the future and shows how its Smart Public Safety Solutions turn data into intelligence now.
  • Motorola Solutions’ virtual reality concept uses eye-interaction technology to help command center supervisors by immersing them into the incident.
  • New ADVISOR™ TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager and MTP6650 TETRA portable radio presented for the first time at PMRExpo 2016, booth C12, Nov. 22–24 in Cologne, Germany.
COLOGNE, Germany – November 22, 2016 – Motorola Solutions continues to showcase its industry-leading vision for the future of public safety through its virtual reality-powered public safety command center future concept, an innovative look ahead that complements the latest tools for translating data into actionable intelligence for public safety.
The virtual command center demonstration immerses a participant into an incident scene in the role of a command center supervisor. Using virtual reality and eye-tracking technologies, the participant can navigate through video and data feeds from multiple sources to quickly coordinate resources and share information with officers on scene, improving the safety of first responders and the quality of an agency’s response. The virtual command center proof of concept uses eye-interaction technology from Eyefluence, a Motorola Solutions Venture Capital investment, to envision the future of public safety.
Among the most effective tools for police are technologies that centralize data from multiple disparate sources and turn it into actionable intelligence, such as Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral solutions that will be demonstrated at PMRExpo as well. By centralizing and simplifying data management, these advanced software applications help to enhance planning, provide more informed operational support and enable faster crime investigations. CommandCentral Aware is able to aggregate multiple data sources such as live video feeds, social media activity or nationwide databases in order to deliver a single, real-time operational view to command center personnel. This allows intelligence analysts to view multiple feeds on one screen and provide frontline officers with critical real-time information on suspects and vehicles, such as black-listed license plate numbers.
Using its WAVE™ Work Group Communications interoperability platform, Motorola Solutions will demonstrate how to connect any device to any network and enable seamless workgroup collaboration. With Motorola Solutions’ Convergence Suite of software application tools, developers can quickly develop public safety applications that enhance situational management for frontline personnel. This display demonstrates how these tools simplify public safety application development and help unify the capabilities of TETRA and public safety LTE systems through voice and data integration.
“Exploring the potential of new technologies, including virtual reality, for public safety helps us create solutions that improve safety and efficiency for our customers,” said Mark Schmidl, vice president of sales for Motorola Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Asia. “Whether it’s a proof of concept like the virtual command center or the Smart Public Safety Solutions available today, we believe in the power of technology to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.”
In addition to the virtual reality demonstration at PMRExpo, Motorola Solutions continues to showcase its innovative thinking by unveiling the new ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager and the new MTP6650 TETRA portable radio.
To effectively respond to fires, natural disasters and other dangerous events, control room, dispatch or medical staff needs to know who will be arriving on the scene. With its enhanced wide coverage and extended battery life, the ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager ensures that firefighters, emergency service personnel and healthcare workers can be reached when they are needed most. The TPG2200 pager is simple to use, even with one hand, and allows first responders to quickly read messages on the bright 2-inch color display. Moreover, it can be carried anywhere thanks to its lightweight, compact and robust design.
Overcoming today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s is no easy task, especially when it comes to public safety. The new MTP6650 TETRA portable radio is designed to help agencies do both. With its enhanced coverage, built-in Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology, Wi-Fi readiness, expanded location services and full car kit support, it is a powerful radio that will support teams well into the future. The MTP6650 is the first in its series to offer the open standard SMA connector, giving public safety personnel the flexibility to use different antennas for optimum coverage based on their work environment.

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