Growing up with a single mother and four siblings, Alex Marron, Project Operations Lead and Device CAPEX Manager, knew he had to go the extra mile to pursue his educational aspirations. 
“My mother always encouraged my siblings and me to complete as much education as possible, especially because she did not have that opportunity,” says Marron. 
Marron pursued an undergraduate degree in engineering and two master’s degrees in business and engineering, and now helps the next generation of high school students by leading several of Motorola Solutions’ high school outreach programs in Florida. Established seven years ago, the programs enable students to learn new skills through STEM programs and become more productive in their communities.
Marron observes how the outreach programs serve as transformational experiences for the students. 
“These students will remember Motorola Solutions for years,” says Marron. “It feels great to be in a position where I can finally give back.” 
What do you want to be remembered for?
Paying it forward, helping others achieve their best
What’s something you’ve never done but want to do?
Play a musical instrument, like the piano
Three words to describe your time at Motorola Solutions:
Opportunity, Knowledge-growth, Outreach

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