Feb. 9, 2016
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CommandCentral: Turning Data into Safety

CommandCentral software helps law enforcement officers deter crime and improve outcomes more efficiently with applications designed to enhance performance.

Applications analyze crime patterns, map out hot spots and predict where a crime is going to occur with the ability to forecast up to 30 percent of next-day crime. As more and more things become connected to the Internet, CommandCentral can collect and store data about a crime event that allows objective analysis after the incident.

The software enables command center analysts to track officers and their actions. It enables them to analyze data streams from the Connected Police Officer, coupled with those from third parties, such as nearby surveillance cameras and license plate or facial recognition systems. Additional data streams can be integrated to help police departments prepare for major events by rapidly correlating intelligence for real-time response to ensure public safety.

CommandCentral can also detect unrest or trends on social media while maintaining privacy. Data transferred over networks to secure police systems are fully encrypted, running over secure tunnels.

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