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Motorola Solutions can connect firefighters via wearable technologies such as body sensors for advanced analytics tied to an intelligent network. These technologies can provide command staff with critical information that can save firefighters’ lives.
One of the challenges command staff face is tracking personnel inside buildings. Technology from Motorola Solutions allows commanders to see where each firefighter is inside the building, including, crucially, which floor they are on.
Motorola Solutions also offers technology to monitor firefighters’ critical information, from vital signs to the amount of air left in their tanks. This helps command staff keep personnel safe, while allowing firefighters to stay focused on fighting the fire or rescuing individuals.
Dispatch centers can send critical information to firefighters en route to the scene, such as blueprints of the burning building, location of fire hydrants or even video from street cameras – so they can take action immediately upon arrival. Information gathered from buildings, infrastructure, vehicles, citizens – and even drones for aerial views – can connect to firefighters’ mobile devices to improve decision-making in the field. 

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